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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Disney Joins the Cause (Barely)

I'm not sure how long this site has been around.  I've never come across it before.  In any case, Disney has a site devoted to keeping kids safe online.  It's not very substantial and most of the content is a clone of the same old stuff you find a lot of places (in fact I think most of their content came from  Honestly, I think with their reputation for excellence, Disney could and should do better than this "luke-warm" attempt.  Maybe this is just their first step into the pool. But at least they're in the game right?  Here is the address:

FOLLOW UP: A reader who works at one of Disney's resorts e-mailed me and said this: "...this site was created as part of Disney Guest Services.  Most resorts have Internet access and Disney felt if children are getting online while on Disney property, they should post something to notify parents and kids about potential dangers.  It was never intended to be a serious resource, more of a warning or disclaimer."

That makes more sense.  However, I still think Disney should make a strong effort.  Who better than them to help advance the cause of Internet safety for kids?

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  1. I agree. Disney should do more. I know my family has spent enough money at their parks to fund it :-).