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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Police chief: Hack your kids' Facebook passwords

Saw this article on NBC News a couple of days ago.  In summary, a police chief from a town in NJ is saying that parenting in the digital world can sometimes require extreme measures.  He points out that most parents run into problems with their kids online because they are naive and choose to remain that way.  Tough love in the digital world means knowing what your kids are doing: what sites they visit, who they talk to, and what they say.  Corporations install hidden software on their employees' computers to track every move they make.  Parents have that option as well, but it requires the investment of time and a willingness to shrug off apathy and naivete.

Here is the article:

I agree with this position but only as a last resort.  There is no substitute for good old fashioned communication between parents and children.  Set rules, create a mutual understanding and talk to your kids on a regular basis.  And if that doesn't work, then resort to more extreme measures.

Sorry for the Absence

Unfortunately a demanding and extremely time consuming project in my real job has kept me away from this blog for a few months.  My apologies.  You gotta put food on the table, you know?  Hopefully I have more time now and should be more frequent with my posts.