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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Imbee...come on already!!

Since I have been itching to review Imbee, I signed up on their e-mail list so that I could be notified when they finally relaunch the site. (which used to be pretty cool) is supposed to be a kid-friendly alternative to Facebook and MySpace and is in the same genre of sites as (which I love).  Imbee seemed to be doing well and then suddenly a year or so ago, they disappeared from the web with no prior warning to their members. Their website claims a summer 2010 return.

I have gotten several e-mails from them in the past two months touting new, great features of Imbee, like the one I got yesterday:

"Dear imbee friends,

The hottest Dopest, Realest, most Epic Wrap-up ever just arrived on the internet today!
(by the way -- pathetic attempt to get street cred with the kids)

DREW is your one-stop shop for up to the minute pop culture news. Through the DREW news wire, you will be the first to know what’s happening in the world of entertainment and lifestyle. Story posts will include events, red carpet appearances, daily paparazzi roundups, and much more!

All DREW post will fall into one of the following catagories
(oh and "categories" is spelled c-a-t-E-g-o-r-i-e-s ....maybe they are the "dope - est"): Music, Film & TV, Events, Style, Technology and Sports.

Come check out DREW, we know you’ll love it!"

The problem is, when you go to to "check it out," there is no site.  Just a message saying Imbee will return summer 2010.  If I'm not mistaken, summer 2010 is almost over and still no Imbee. 

Perhaps Imbee should be spending less time crafting spelling-challenged e-mails and producing YouTube video commercials about how cool their site is going to be and more time ....oh, I don't know...actually GETTING THEIR SITE WORKING!!!  And change the message on the home page already.  Don't tell me it will be ready summer 2010 when that obviously isn't happening.

These Imbee guys are a puzzle to me.  Great site, going strong...disappears.  A year later, lots of effort around generating hype but no results.  I hope their content people are better than their marketing people.

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