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Thursday, May 13, 2010

John XXIII School Middletown Rocks!!

What a great day.  After the cyber-bullying presentations for the kids I did my standard Internet Safety presentation for the parents and met some great people.  Everyone was very attentive, inquisitive, and kind to me.  Thanks so much for having me come up.

The resources I referred to in my presentation tonight can be found in the archive of this blog.  If you look on the right side of the screen under "Blog Archive" you can click on the arrow next to 2009 to open the entries form last year.  Then if you click the arrow next to November you will see the title "Handouts from the Presentation."  This is where you will find the resources and how-to documents for the stuff I talked about (like setting your search engine filters).

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  1. Thanks for coming to our school and giving your presentations. You were WAY better than I expected you to be and my kids really enjoyed your talk on cyberbullying.

  2. Mr. Dermody. The work you are doing for the benefit of children is to be commended. On behalf of all Catholics in this area, thank you for your time and efforts. I hope your value to this community is recognized by all.