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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More on our ongoing MySpace saga

In my last post I talked about how one of my daughter's friends entered her e-mail address into their MySpace page to invite her to become a MySpace friend.  Luckily it was captured by Kidmail and never made it to my daughter's inbox.  This morning I went into the Kidmail parents' console and there were 21 spam messages waiting to be approved and sent to my 7th grade daughter including an advertisement for - a website setup to allow married people to cheat on their spouses discretely.  It was just the kind of advertisement I want my almost 13 year old girl to see...a picture of two people, half naked, in bed together and the title "These people are married...but not to each other.  Life is short, have an affair."

I am certain that the addition of my daughter's e-mail to one of her friend's MySpace account was an innocent act.  But look how it's turning out.  I wonder if the parents of this child know that sites like advertise on their child's MySpace page.

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