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Monday, December 7, 2009

Content Filtering App for iPhones and iPod Touch

For those of you that have heard the word "App" (as in the "there's an App for that" commercial) but aren't sure what it means, an App, short for application, is just a small program that runs on mobile devices.  Many apps are games, some are as sophisticated as GPS software and others are as simple as a cool looking clock.  There are Apps that do almost anything from calculating tips to translating words and phrases to other languages.

A company called has created an App called "Safe Eyes Mobile" that allows parents to filter the content that their children see when surfing the web on their iPhone or iPod Touch mobile device.  If you weren't aware that they could get to the internet on these mobile devices, see my posting from November 18th.

The tool has mixed reviews. The primary complaint is that it is difficult for parents who are not tech savvy to operate.  But keep in mind that it is in it's infancy and will probably evolve into something better in the future.  After all, what good is an App aimed at parents if parents can't operate it.  I think the App is a great sign that the industry is finally taking internet safety on mobile devices seriously.  Hopefully that trend will continue.

You can check out a good review on the product by the LA Times here:

Or you can go to the Safe Eyes product website itself here:

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